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Beijing Normal University Faculty, Scholarships & Process

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Explore BNU's array of scholarships, streamlined application process, and distinguished faculty members in our comprehensive post.
Beijing Normal University Faculty

general Information

Beijing Normal University  BNU, is a prestigious institution nestled in the heart of China’s capital city. It Established in 1902, it boasts a rich history of academic quality and innovation. It is  notable for its commitment to teacher education and educational research.

BNU has expanded its academic offerings to cover a wide array of disciplines, including natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. With its beautiful campus, esteemed faculty, and dedication to nurturing talented minds, Beijing Normal University stands as a beacon of higher learning in China and beyond.

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For Application Click here

Beijing Normal University

Scholarships Types

CSC Scholarship

Confucius China Study Program

International Chines Language Scholarship

Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students

Beijing Normal University Scholarship

Other Chines Scholarships

Application Guideline & Process

English Taught Programs

University Faculty Members

School of Physics  Click here

School Of System Science Click here 

Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management Click here 

Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management Click here 

School of life Science Click here

School of journalism & Communication Click here

School of  Natural Science Click here

School of Law Click here

School of Natural Safety Click here

School of Statistic Click here

School of Business Click here

School of Social Development & Public Policy Click here

School Of  Mathematics Click here

School of Environment Click here

School of Education for Future Click here 

School of Future Design Click here 

School of Culture Innovation & Communication Click here

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