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sgs fully funded scholarships

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This article will help you to explore about Shanghai Government Scholarship. Embark on this golden opportunity with us today.
SGS China Scholarship

SGS fully funded Scholarship for Pakistani Students awarded by Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) to worldwide students completely supported. SGS  scholarship required online application system and admission process is begun from December each year. Final date to apply in several College is diverse for China Scholarships. SGS Scholarships online application is very important for candidate.

Applicable Programs:

1) Chinese-taught Bachelor’s Programs (except B.A. in Chinese Language)

2) Master’s degree programs

3) Doctoral degree programs

Types of Scholarships:

Type A

Type  B

Note) More Full Scholarship in China

Scholarship Coverage:

Full Scholarship (Type A):

(1) a waiver of tuition fee

(2) a waiver of medical insurance fee

(3) a waiver of on-campus dorm fee

(4) stipend (for bachelor’s: 2500; master’s: CNY 3000; and doctoral: CNY3500)

Partial Scholarship (Type B):

(1) a waiver of tuition fee

(2) a waiver of medical insurance fee

The specific duration of the scholarship is determined by the details provided in the Admission Notice and generally cannot be extended.

Applicant Eligibility:

(1) Who has not Chinese citizenship.

(2) Doctoral candidate must have a master’s degree and being under the age of 40.

(3) For Master’s aspirant must have a bachelor’s degree and being under the age of 35.

(4) Bachelor’s students must have between 16 to 25 age having graduated from high school.

(5) Demonstrate excellence in both academic and extra-curricular activities, without having received any other scholarships from government, institutes, or organizations in China.

Eligibility Criteria Picture

How to apply:

(1) Check first Universities who comes in Shanghai City and if that offers the academic program you plan to learn as well as whether it is covered by SGS scholarships.

(2) Before apply to any University Portal, one can complete SGS online application in order to save your information in the scholarships application database.

(3) Then, complete your online application to at University portal and pay the application fee if required.

Application Period begin of December to the next April 15 (fall intake only)

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