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HEC Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2023/2024

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This article will you to fulfil Your Dreams with the Fully Funded Chinese Government Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2023/2024
HEC China Scholarship

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) invites applications from Pakistani nationals for the Chines Scholarship Programmed (2023-24), launched by the Chines Government for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD Study.


Chines scholarship are available for Pakistani students fulfilling basic eligibility criteria in specified disciplines and other requirements of Chines universities under following programs:

Bachelor’s Degree (After HSSC)

Master’s Degree (After Graduation)

PhD Degree (After Master’s)


Applicant must be a citizen of Pakistan, but Pakistani having dual citizenship will not be eligible for it.

You can apply if you were enrolled in the past year of your current study program/degree and your result is pending.

The eligible candidates are those born before 01 September 2005​

For Bachelor’s degree programs applicant must have completed HSSC/Intermediate or equivalent before August 01, 2023.

For Master’s applicant must have completed 16 years education degree before August 01, 2023.

For PhD Programs, applicant must have completed 17/18 years Master’s degree before August 01, 2023.

Transcript, Degrees and certificates to be attached must be attested by the attesting authorities such as IBCC and HEC.

All applicants must submit medical certificate of satisfactory health condition, the applicant does not have the following illnesses: AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C or any other epidemic conditions.

In the case of the final selection, candidates will be required to provide a legal bond to HEC on legal paper stating that they will not change their discipline after the final award of the scholarship. Immediately after the completion of the degree, the candidate will return to Pakistan and serve the country in the capacity prescribed by the Higher Education Commission. In the event that the candidate fails to return to Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) shall recover from the candidate or the guarantor of the candidate the penalty amount as determined by HEC.

Applicants must fulfill all other requirements set by Chines Government Foundation/Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Important note

All applicants are required to provide USAT (Undergraduate) or HAT (Masters/M.Phil/PhD) test scores. Applicants must have passed the USAT/HAT test at least 50 out of 100. If you have taken USAT/HT test on or after 01, 2023, you can upload your test result on the HEC portal. If you do not provide minimum USAT/HT score (50 out 100), your application will not be accepted for further process.

Please note that it is solely the responsibility of the students(s) who are applying for any degree (medical, engineering, nursing, architecture, law, veterinary medicine etc.) to get their accreditation first from the relevant Councils such as PMC, PEC, PNC, PCATP, PBC, PVMC, etc.

Benefits of China Scholarship for Pakistani Students

For Bachelor Program 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free educational, and free convenience.

Master Program 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, free educational, and free room.

Doctoral Program 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free educational, and free room.

There are 274 renowned Chinese universities that offer scholarships for international students each year. The list of universities under Chinese government scholarship is available here.

CGS application procedure is exceptionally basic and understudies can plan their application effectively Student don’t have to be counsel and pay cash to any agent. 
How to apply China scholarship? How to induce china grant? All New Students just follow this Procedure to get Scholarship under the China government scholarship program. Master and PhD students almost in each filed can apply for Scholarship i.e., Engineering, Medical, administration, law, Arts and Humanities etc.

These are following step for applying.

Step 1: Search out some good university having your field of study and is affiliated with CGS.

Step 2: Fill a CSC Online Application Form through Chinese Government Scholarship.   and Select  Category Type A

 (If you want to apply for category Type B Click Here

Step  3:  Individuals selecting Category Type A must update their HEC Profile. After that, Log in to your HEC Scholarship portal and click on “Learning Opportunity Abroad.” 

Step 3: Afterward, log in to your HEC ECT Portal and apply for the HAT test.

Note: Application process and requirement of Both type A & B would be change but, the stipend would be almost same. 

Age Limit Requirement.

Undergraduate Degree (25 years)

Master’s Degree (35 years)

Doctoral Degree (40 years)

Note: All educational documents must be attested from the Notary Republic

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