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Northwestern Polytechnical University fcaulty & application guide

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Discover the faculty, programs, and application process at Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU In this comprehensive guide.
Northwest Polytechnical University China

Overview About Northwest Polytechnical university NPU

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), a leading institution in western China, is embarking on a new phase of growth by seizing opportunities to develop original and cutting-edge innovations. 

The history of NPU dates back to 1938. In 1960, the university was designated as one of China’s National Key Universities. It was among the first universities selected for Project 211 in 1995 and joined Project 985 in 2001.

By 2023, NPU ranked among the top 200 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities. In recent years, NPU has set various records in China and produced many leading figures across various sectors, contributing significantly to global science, technology, and socio-economic development. 

The degree programs offered at NPU cover various disciplines in fundamental science, engineering, humanities, management, social sciences, and many more. 

Faculty of Dalian University of Technology

Faculty of Nanjing University

Globalization of NPU

NPU’s commitment to innovation & excellence brings promising prospects for its future development. We are growing unprecedentedly on the path to becoming a leading world-class university with globally recognized & accredited disciplines.

NPU continues to expand our horizon towards life-changing discoveries in science & technology and makes positive contributions to this rapidly changing and globalizing world.

Different Scholarships

At NPU, we recruit exceptional international students, nurturing them to become future scholars, entrepreneurs, and leaders. With generous scholarships, our diverse community includes 1,400 students from 87 countries, and we aim to enroll 600 more in 2024. NPU offers a variety of scholarships to enhance students’ lives and support their pursuit of excellence.

For Undergraduate Students

Chinese   Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program (Type A)

NPU President Scholarship

Xi’an Belt and   Road Scholarship

For Postgraduate Students

Chinese   Government Scholarship

NPU President Scholarship

Xi’an Belt and   Road Scholarship

Note: Benefits of Scholarship varies on its type, either its fully funded or partial.

Benefits of Fully Funded Scholarship

Exempt from tuition, accommodation on campus;

Monthly allowance is offered as followings:

Master Degree Students:  3,000 CNY/month 

Doctor Degree Students:  3,500 CNY/month

Comprehensive Medical Insurance.

Applicants are expected to cover their own international travel expenses.

Application Documents for Scholarships

Passport copy

HSK Certificate (Only for Chinese-taught program)

English Proficiency Certificate (Only for English-taught program)

Previous Graduation Certificate and Transcript

Study plan/Proposal

NPU Supervisor acceptance letter (Not Mandatory)

Non-Criminal Conviction

Two recommendation letters

Physical examination form and Blood test report

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