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jiangsu university faculty & application proces

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Explore Jiangsu University academic excellence and get the insights you need to pursue your educational journey effectively.
Jiangsu University in china

Overview about jiangsu university

JSU is abbreviation of Jiangsu University which vestige its roots back to 1902, when it was established alongside reputable institutions like Nanjing University and Southeast University.

It stands as a cornerstone of higher education in China, receiving support and guidance from key governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the Jiangsu Provincial Government.



Jingsu University sits gracefully in Zhenjiang, a city abrupt in history and renowned for its exciting beauty, nestled on the southern shores of the impressive Yangtze River. This is also where the mighty Yangtze intersects with the iconic Grand Canal of China.

JSU spreads its wings across three distinct campuses: the central hub, the Beigu campus, and the esteemed Jingjiang College, which adds another layer of academic excellence to the institution

Ranking of Jiangsu University

Reported to the THE  2021 9Times Higher Education) for 2021 Jiangsu holds the 58th position among all universities in China. Similarly, in the QS Asian University Rankings for the same year, JSU secures the 48th spot.

Programs in JSU

JGU boasts a wide array of academic offerings with 27 schools and colleges under its umbrella. Among its offerings are 98 undergraduate programs, 15 doctoral programs in various fields, and 45 master’s programs. Additionally, the university provides professional master’s programs spanning 21 different categories. These programs are organized within 12 academic disciplines, including Engineering, Agriculture, Science, Medicine, Management, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, Art, and History. Furthermore, JSU accommodates 13 postdoctoral research stations, facilitating advanced research in various fields.

International Collaboration

JG University is all about global connections. We encourage our faculty and students to study abroad and welcome international talent to join us. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, fostering academic growth and collaboration. We’re proud to have partnerships with 221 universities in 58 countries, including big names like the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Queensland, and many more top institutions worldwide.

Different Scholarships in Jiangsu University

Chinese Govt. Scholarship (CSC)

International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

JSU Presidential Scholarship

JSU School Scholarships

OEC Scholarship for Excellent Students

OEC Scholarship for Social Contributors

Application Process & guidance

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